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What makes the best 'The Best'

Posted by bpssupport on January 28, 2011

flwBest.cfm.jpegBy Rob Newell -  27.Dec.2010
Tournament fishing is unlike any other competitive sport in the world. The number of uncontrolled variables in professional fishing far exceeds the variables found in other sports. Therefore when a bass pro consistently performs at a high level against so many dynamic challenges – when they are on their ‘A’ game – it warrants a closer look. As a fan and writer of the sport of professional bass fishing, I’m fascinated with what makes the best pros the best pros. At today’s top levels of tournament competition, pros have access to all of the best equipment money can buy. What intrigues me, however, are the intangibles – the visceral, the things beyond boats, motors, line and lures. > see full story